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11 Fairway Lane is Skytop Cottage. Skytop Cottage is located at the 15th tee of the Skytop Lodge in the beautiful Poconp Mountain resort region of Pennsylvania. Skytop Cottage is an easy travel destination from the New England and Mid Atlantic States.

The ultimate in resort vacationing, Skytop is a charming blend of old world charm and character, timeless attention to detail, impeccable service and modern conveniences and amenities.

Skytop is more than just a vacation destination; many families have been attending for generations. What keeps them coming back? The answer is in  summer adventures, autumn foliage, winter sports and spring flowers......all Skytop lovers share an appreciation and sense of natural wonder.

During the robust and optimistic 1920’s, John Stubbs, Frederic Smith, Earl Mayne and Sam Packer dared to build a grand resort in the Poconos on a high plateau three miles north of the village of Canadensis. They purchased eight tracts of land, totaling 2,500 acres, hired a landscape architect to decide on the location of the lodge and golf course, and Skytop was born.

Overlooking Skytop Lake with picturesque West Mountain rising in the background, the location proved ideal. The Lodge and Golf Course opened in June 1928. In 1930 a dam was completed and the lake was enlarged to its present size. Later, cottages were built and the 2,000-acre Goose Pond area was acquired.  Decades of expansion...indoor & outdoor recreational features, spa and conference center... followed resulting in the finest mountain retreat within 2 hours of Manhattan.

Nature was given great emphasis from the very beginning. Trails were laid out and maps were drawn....today, over 36 miles of private paths open over 5,500 acres to guests, offering scenes of quiet beauty and an opportunity to view woodland wildflowers, migrating and nesting birds, reptiles and amphibians, and many of the area’s exciting wildlife, including black bear, otter, porcupine, beaver, coyote, bobcat, and mink.

All this is yours.....with the comfort and privacy of a 4 bedroom 4 bath cottage just a short walk from the Lodge


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